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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Poetry of G David Schwarz

She will go out
and she will just ought
and then she will hit and spit
She is just rude a bit
She does slap you're horse
and to make you feel worse
she will kick your dog
and then she
will so ironically
thank her deeds
up to the lord
in time with treasures
she is making measures 
slap and kick and call that pleasures
I wish I knew what was wrong with her

 Go And Throw A Boomerang
Go and throw a boomerang
It wont mean a gosh damn thing
It simple goes away
Then some time out in space
It returns t_o the same darn place
Go and throw a boomerang
In New Orleans or Omaha
Except for the fact
Of it coming back
Its almost like trowing a base ball

 Every Time I Think Of You
Every time I think of you
Its seems my hair and eyes turn blue
Because you see, well I hope you do
I am deep in like with you
Since the first day we parted
My trust in life just departed
And every thing turned the color blue
My sad eyes as my shoe
Now what here can I do
Since I have been boomed by blue
This is it seems
Sadness up into my dreams

T. I. F.  J.
OK we don't have to go touring
but with your wit and compilation
we could make a dedication
On a very wonderful text
writ and written... what the heck
we ought to try
we ought not give up
we ought we ought
and those words turn to a yawn


G David Schwarz


I am the former President of "Seed House", an  on-line, interfaith community forum.  I also have published three books  -  " A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue" (1994),  "Midrash and Working Out  Of The Book" ( 2004), and most recently "Shards and Stanzas" (2011). 
        I am currently retired, and besides writing, I spend my time volunteering in my community with Meals On Wheels.  

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