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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Terrance Jones Story Book-Part One

By Terrance Jones

You are the fluorescence to my light
I cannot move-
To my left
If you are not on my right

Girl you are the love of my life
Everything with you is so right
            Down on one knee I just might

Girl you are the love of my life

By Terrance Jones

My mind is a maze
trying to get through life,
but I am stuck in my ways. My body is the temple
to my life. I resemble a young black boy stuck in the system.
It took me 18 months to get through my mental strife.

But I still keep that momentum of Army strong soldier on.
Jail is almost over yet I am still running, still running through
this maze.

Looking back on my days spent, wishing upon a star-saying 
I wish I was never so stuck up in my own maze.

White Wall
By Terrance Jones

White wall
As I stare
At this white wall

So small
This white wall

Only 3 ½ feet of 4 walls
Listening to the spit bare knuckle whistle
Bounce off this white wall
While I stare at this white wall

But he is coming home
He is coming home

While I am left to stare this white wall
But he is coming home
He is coming home

It makes life seem
So small
But there is life
Beyond this white wall


Blank Space
By Terrance Jones

There is a blank space in my life
Doing wrong
Sometimes mean being right

I learned that lesson of life
I am now doing right

But there is a blank space in my life
I came to realize
At the end of the day
There is light

So let life be the blank space
In your heart
To do right
For the ones who love you in life

There is a blank space in my life

I treat it as gold mental to do right by life

Because doing wrong does not mean doing right

By Terrance Jones

T is for true
and I am that to you.
I am sitting in my jail cell-
wondering if you are being true too.

I am so true
no person or thing is above you.
Letters and global calls are only reaching for you.
Your returning my calls love shows me how true love is for you.

Be true
stay true so true love is true.
T is for true
and that is who I am to you.


Terrance Jones is an up and coming Philadelphia writer. He likes to think that he is a rap artist and spoken-word artist. He writes about the rough and street side view of life. He also writes with a passion from the heart that very few writers do.