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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Poetry of Nathaniel S. Rounds

It with great esteem that we welcome back one of our regular contributors to
 Mel BrakE Press, Nataniel S. Rounds. He work is breathless..


Nathaniel S. Rounds writes from the tallest eyesore east of Montreal, where even the bed bugs take the elevator.
He has been published in Down in the Dirt, Melusine, Centrifugal Eye, and many other fine publications. His chapbooks
are available from Fowlpox Press.

Gabriella in The shade of The Wood is Fed To The Applause of The Evening

I found you looking at the tatty canvas
You brought it to the counter
I surmised without giving you the stare-down
That you were in your fifties
Better preserved than Lenin
Simple black dress
Blond hair not frizzed out from decades of dyeing
You must have been born with the gold
And not in any hurry to relinquish it in favour of silver
The canvas was a mess

An abstract oil called Babi Yar/Schrödinger's Cat

Painted on Russian linen stretched over a bone frame
I showed you the odd little treasure tucked between frame slat and linen
A folded sheet of foolscap with typewritten story
With a 75 dpi halftone taken from a Pears Shilling Cyclopaedia
Of various types of vermin

It tells a story of a brave woman
Named Gabriella Eventide
She was left a small pension by her husband
A farmer who had the misfortune of being trapped beneath his tractor
Mr. Orton Eventide was brave enough
To write a cursory will on the underside of the tractor’s fender
Thereupon Gabriella used her small income to assist women in distress

In this particular story
Gabriella comes to the aid of the five daughters of Zelophehad
Who were desperately trying to escape gigantic bed bugs
Dressed in regency pumps and powdered wigs
As they descended a wooden ladder
Connecting tenement buildings to sky

And as I paraphrased the words you read it and nodded
And murmur words like Ingrid Berman
And send me into dream world with that air of Arpège
And then you ask for the price of the picture
Which is cheap since it needs repair
And you reach for the coins in your leather purse
And tell me your name: Gabriella

Gabriella Eventide
I’m no longer feeling it
Fleet footed ascent up Promise Hill
Tenement houses crumbling like Old Testament names
We broke a chaw of clemency and fed it to the crows
Who turned a leafless tree into a forest of derisive laughter


I hear your presence on the radio

I feel your dress of coarse white linen
Against the back of my hand
On the lifeless stage at the grange hall
Where shadows on the torn, green blinds
Substitute for members in an audience
And where coughing in the radiator
Serves as applause

Your Honour
It’s not all my fault
I mean
Gabriella knocked me out with a feather
After plucking it from a duck’s behind
Worrying the words out of

Engine, engine, number nine
Sliding down Chicago line
When she's polished she will shine
Engine, engine, number nine”

Until it reached a fevered pitch
Like pine sol over an open fire
Made by climbing the tallest tree
And don’t you know
For a lumberjack’s daughter
She could brew more
Than a cup of joe

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