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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Poetry of Canaan Massie

My name is Canaan Massie. I am 18 years old and I would like to become a published author.

Nightmares Of Paradise

What does an angel dream,
If such a feat is so possible?
Of life on earth?
Or of the paradise in which he resides?

And what of demons?
Consumed in flames,
Does slumber ever seduce Satan?
It must.

If so, He must dream of heaven,
Of when he harbored angelic ailerons,
Of when he was his own sworn enemy,
Of unattainable paradise.

As Gabriel as his Angel of Death,
And God his own enemy's creator,
Satan dreams not,
For He has Nightmares Of Paradise.


They say envy turns you green,
But for me, I disagree.
Envy is red,
The color of romance.

I envy your shirt,
It constantly gets to caress your body.
I envy your cigarettes,
Constantly at your lips.
I envy the words that you speak,
For they are much more beautiful than I.
I envy the ground you walk upon,
For I want to be the only thing pleading at your feet.
I envy your phone.
Constantly at your fingertips,
Caressing your cheek.
You speak into it,
And I hear "I love you."
I envy whomever lurks on the other side.
I envy your pillows,
Because I know you cuddle with them when I am not there.
I envy your necklace,
For it is constantly closer to your heart than I'll ever be.
I envy the medicine that you take,
For I want to be what takes your pain away.

You tell your tales,
And I am envious of your past.
Mostly because I am absent from your memories.

They say envy turns you green,
But for me, I disagree.
Envy has no color.
Only silhouettes.

Heaven's Mockery

O star...

How you mock me.
Away from earthly oppressions.
Safe, is thee,
Hung home in heaven.

I envy your distance,
From this place we call earth.
You feel no resistance,
No pain, and no hurt.

For your father, an immortal,
And your mother owns all.
You feel no torture,
Only wished upon when you fall.

O star,
How you mock me.

How dost thee shine so bright?
And if thou art blue,
You still emulate light.

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