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Sunday, October 19, 2014


(No Bio provided)

Mother May I?

Mother may I,
Hold you tight?
May I brush your hair?
And kiss your hands?

Mother may I,
May I under-wrongs?
And make it fair?

Mother, my mother,
From the first opening of my eyes
To the first time I shut them tight
You were the apple of my eye

Mother - Mother
Know that at night
I go back to that place
and stay there until sunrise

Mother of mine,
Don’t shut your eyes
Don’t let go
Don’t leave
Don’t say goodnight

Hear my cry?
Hear me wail,
and fight back life?
See me wilt,
watch me break.

Mother dearest,
Hero, Angel,
Comforter, Caretaker
Mine, of mine,
Please. Please.
May I have more time
I’m not ready to say goodbye

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