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Monday, February 3, 2014


The Poetry of Pijush Kanti Deb

Achievement- 66 poems and haiku are accepted or published by Indian and international publishers since June 2013,.they are, Tajmahal review, Camel Saloon Blog Spot, E-pao.Net, Dead Snake Blog Spot, Down in the Dirt, Poetic Monthly Magazine, Poems and Poetry Blog Spot, Poetry 24 Blog Spot, Long Story Short , Gean Tree Haiku Journal, My Word Wizard, and A Handful of Stones , Kalkion, ,Verse Engine and The Apple Tree.

An instance of divinity
Divinity –an unanswered inquisitiveness-
makes a theist mad in quest of a little hint
or an instance of extra-ordinary feature,
capable of resolving the mystery of existence
of a power- supernatural and super-normal,
building a faith to surrender everything-
pains and gains, to His safe-custody.
Indeed, cuckoo sings always in the flock of crows
and the record of common incidences may be added
and embellished by a celestial incident
as the amazing incident of a Vietnamese citizen,
compelling the atheists to stand in front of mirror.

A poor Vietnamese citizen---
a victim of self devastative civil war,
an ill-lucky witness of the merciless killing
of his own beautiful wife and affectionate sons,
sneaked to the depth of the nearest jungle
along with his one year old baby son
and disappeared therein mysteriously .
The stony world remained busy
in moving towards selfish destination
and the tragedy of the Vietnamese citizen
and the others were simply forgotten.

Nevertheless, fantastic was the God’s wish,
as the Vietnamese was rescued along with his son alive
after passing of long forty years, wherein
human- surviving, indeed, seemed to be impossible,
yet they were found safe and sound,
as a miraculous power guarded and saved their lives.
Soul-blooming incidence it is for mankind,
quite influential and inspirational miracle-
as an atheist witnesses, perceives and realises
the presence of divinity- a super power and the roll -
it plays in each and every moment of our lives
and bows down to his super-natural power.
It is just another coating of paint,
embellishing the universal belief of a God fearing
‘’Never be killed who is saved by God
And never be saved who is killed by God’’.

Go To Hell
The shameless face of yours
ought not to face that of mine
as irritating it is now to my open eyes,
scaring to my broken heart
and disturbing to my weak soul.
Let your lips be refrained from
uttering the common words to me,
‘’I love you’’,
as just before entering the Hell,
I perceive the injurious destination
of your tom boy’s game of love.
Indeed, a fucking machine you are-
nothing more than that
except an owner of animal- instincts.
Your lustful scanning eyes are monotonous
to my juicy lips and eyes,
senseless to my tits and curves
and worthless to my pussy and so on.
But unmindful you are to my
melodious tune- reverberated inside my lips,
a colourful dreamland-
built beneath my blue eyes,
an emotional young heart
beneath my bashful breasts
and soft and sweet offspring of tomorrow
beneath my pussy.
Ought not to blow hot air in my ear
and expect lascivious expansion
of my limbs favourable to you
in meeting your lustful passion,
In the name of
and for the sake of so-called love.
Now I am quite cautious and contracted too
to your desirous longing for swimming
on my sacred lake of love,
well recognized you are-
an Imp- a disciple of the Devil,
hence, leave me alone and go to Hell.

My Girl Friend
Tumultuous was the last evening,
my vital life was cheerful in obtaining
seventeen candles only to put off,
A bunch of hilarious hearts to add to
the garland of my sweet memory
and a silent and surprising
beckon of an enchanting pair of eyes-
belonged to my girl friend –Pamela,
my best friend , not more than that.

A babbler she has been in general
but mysteriously mum she was in that evening
as something wrong in the ongoing party.
Hence my obligation was instant
to take her in a lonely and dark corner,
circumscribed her affectionately with
some formal questions relating to her
unprecedented role in the party,
but my inquisitiveness was unanswered.

A tiny smile appeared on her lips
and made me happy to push her to the hall
where all were quite blissful in dancing.
‘’W-a-i-t’’ her lips trembled but uttered,
she took my hand in her shivering hand
and looked at the floor
where she was engraving an unknown picture
on the tiles with her pointed shoe.
My second round of inquisitiveness
rushed to her,
made her lips quivering
and at last opened these up to pronounce
three most popular words
‘’I love You’’ by embracing me.
Surprised I was to her unexpected change,
amazed at wave of her pleasant emotion-
that had been bubbling up from her heart to lips,
made her different throughout the evening
and gifted me a beautiful tomorrow too.
Ensnared I was finally to admit her love
with a passionate kiss on her juicy lips.

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