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Monday, February 3, 2014


The poetry of Kori Cheek:
Kori Cheek have been writing since i was 16 with a special love toward poetry.  I found poetry a good way to vent during those awkward teenage years and am still writing to this day.  I have written just over 2,500 poems in my life and plan to keep writing until i run out of things to say.  I write to encourage, inspire and make people think.  We change the world one person at a time and I feel like that if someone comes out a better person for having read my work than that's what it's all about. 

(Editor's note): The poems published are but a sample from Kori Cheek collection called "Give Peace a Chance".

For Me

Beg for me – plead for me
Grieve for me- scream for me
Reach for me- believe for me
Cry for me – breathe for me
Try for me – pray for me
Laugh for me – love for me
Speak for me - be for me
Live for me - die for me
Be everything that that I’ll ever need
And when you’ve done that you can have all of me

A revolution is stirring in the world today
People are gathering and beginning to pray
The blood of the martyrs has come before God
Killing the prophets is mankind’s song
Those that are sent are mistreated and abused
The exploitation of them is all over the news
The priests and the monks weep bitter tears
And our Lady of Lourdes is shackled with fears
The earth begins to tremble at the sounding of the noise
Violence erupts and suddenly is heard the voice
Of one who is crying alone in the dark
Neglected and abandoned – simply humanity’s heart
The Savior breaks through with the sounding of a blast
The war has finally ended and so peace has come at last


There exists in the mind of a child
The hope and innocence lost in surviving
The maddening streets where people conform
To hate and greed – adulthood is born
New to this world the child only laughs
Darkness and pain are not known to them yet
They bring only sunshine and light unto all
The world that they know until the corruption of walls
Are built around their heart – now they know masks
Covering up heartache – painting faces that will last
Until they learn to regress to that state
Of sublime understanding…new life that awaits


Eagerly awaiting a day of peace
To fall upon the earth and all of humanity
I sit and pretend that it’s already here
My make-believe world is visually clear
I see it all around me in the flowers and the trees
I see it in the wind that whispers through the leaves
I see it in the eyes of a stranger passing by
And I see it in the innocence of a fluttering butterfly
I see it in the birds and the sun that shines bright
I see it in the clouds hanging in the blue sky
I see it in the little puppies that play
Casually romping and wasting days away
I see it in the moon when it comes out at night
And I see it in the stars as they sparkle - shedding light
I see it in the face of a smiling little child
And so I will wait for when it come’s it will be worthwhile

It Can’t Wait

Rage is hidden by a mask that is painted with smiles and love
Laughter blocks out what I’m after – mainly the understanding of
Upper class parents who don’t even bother to notice the fact that I’m down
Left to wallow in my own self-pity – I come home to an empty house
I need to talk just to get it all out but they tell me to wait till tomorrow
They tell me that they don’t have the time – the truth is their chasing the “dollar”
They are too busy chasing the “American Dream” with all its wealth and power
To give a care-less that I am depressed and perhaps don’t have a “tomorrow”

 Segregated Earth

Separation begins with the color of skin
At least that’s what society says time and again
The media stirs up racial dissension
In place of unification there’s nothing but tension
If we were united we would rule undivided
But that can never happen for we are all still buying
The garbage and trash that infiltrates our brains
Brings nothing but division where love and harmony should reign
Someday the truth will cut through the lies
And when that day comes we will all be color blind
But until then we will continue to search
For a way to keep peace on a segregated earth

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